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Witch Hunts... Exposing The Lies
by Kerr Cuhulain

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Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies

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Pam Schuffert

by Kerr Cuhulain

Alert readers have been asking me to write an article about Pam Schuffert[1], her American Holocaust web site[2] and her Pam Schuffert Reports[3] for some time. I’ve put her on the back burner before now simply because the delusional fantasies on her web site are so transparently fabricated that I wanted to focus on other less obvious frauds first.

I think that it was Joseph Campbell that said that the difference between the shaman and the psychotic was that the shaman was treading water while the psychotic was drowning. People dealing with psychiatry will tell you that one of the common symptoms displayed by people with paranoid delusions is preoccupation with religious themes. It is a curious thing that if a person tells you that he is receiving messages from aliens your first impression is likely to be that he requires psychiatric assessment. However, when a mentally ill person tells you that God speaks to them, and especially when that person presents themselves as a pastor, minister or religious authority, it is amazing how many people fail to see the delusions and paranoia involved. In my opinion, Pam Schuffert is a good example of this phenomenon.

One can get an idea of what is going on in Schufferts head from a page on her web site with the title "My Testimony."[4] "I once thought I could find ALL the answers in the occult and paganism...until I almost died!"[5] the sub-caption reads. Schuffert claims that "the following account is absolutely true."[6] Look closely at Schuffert’s claims that follow however, and it is pretty obvious that while these accounts contain some elements of reality, much of their content is clearly invented.

Schuffert’s father was in the USAF and her mother was secretary to a US Congressman. Schuffert reports that "It seemed that we had EVERYTHING the world could want at that time...EXCEPT GOD!"[7] She describes her local church as "only a Sunday social club without God's Word or His power."[8] Then she developed an interest in the books of Jeanne Dixon. She purchased a crystal ball and a Ouija board. Schuffert tells us that she studied palm reading and astrology. She believes that "the resulting nightmare from ingesting this deadly occultic potpourri was soon to follow."[9] Apparently she developed appendicitis when she was in high school, developed complications and subsequently suffered an epileptic seizure. She then developed migraines. You can see where she is going with this: She blames her failing grades and deteriorating health on her search for "’God’ and ‘power’ in the world of the occult and alternate religions."[10] "And to make matters worse, " Schuffert continues, "my father was recruited into the cult of the DC Satanist Elite as well!... my illnesses began to escalate as my father was seduced into Satanism by a powerful Satanist ‘black widow’, Florence ‘Pat’ Jennings, once considered one of the most dangerous and powerful Satanists in the world."[11] I did a number of searches for information on this "dangerous and powerful Satanist" and the only person who seems to know of this person is Schuffert. It appears that Schuffert assumes that this woman is a Satanist because Jennings was having an affair with her father. This affair seems to have expanded to mythological proportions to Schuffert: As she puts it: "Satanists send in such women to recruit the men that they desperately want. And tragically, the tactic worked. He was transformed from a once-loving family man into a nightmare that Hitler's Gestapo would have been proud of!"[12] Schuffert tells us that she believes that this Jennings was sent by the Satanists "and the NWO [New World Order] elements of the military to seduce my father into their dark agenda."[13]

It is at this point that Schuffert starts inserting oblique references to Wicca. "As everyone in the Craft knows, " Schuffert claims, "when one has sex with a Satanist, demons are transmitted into the other partner. Summoned demons of lust can also be transmitted as the person becomes ‘one flesh’ with the Satanist seducer. Soon, she had my father mind-controlled and controlled by lust, and ultimately under her control. He began the regular routine of his affairs with her, attempting to hide it from our family with clever excuses, like having to remain late at work, etc. One night a week soon became occasional weekends as well. And not surprisingly, those week-ends just happened to coincide with occult ritual sacrifice dates."[14] "Tragically, as my illness worsened, " Schuffert tells us, "he became increasingly hostile towards us. He began to go into fits of rage, forcing me to go to school when I was so ill, shouting that and quot;you are not really ill at all.. you just want to miss school! and quot; In fact, he could not wait for my mother to leave to her work on Capitol Hill, so he could then come into my room and verbally accuse and terrorize me. He would finally force me into his car and drive me to school. Severely traumatized, I would collapse in the school infirmary and my mother would have to rush from work and bring me home. Life became a living nightmare in our home as both my health and my father's personality slowly deteriorated."[15] Schuffert reports that in 1971 she found a small church outside of Washington, DC, that "FINALLY preached THE GOSPEL! And that very first Sunday I heard the wonderful Good News of God's Son Jesus Christ and His salvation for the lost sinner proclaimed, I KNEW THAT HE WAS THE ANSWER! I realized that I WAS A SINNER, separated from God, and needing forgiveness and SALVATION."[16] She went home, burned all of her "occult books", bought a Bible, and "within a few months later, I was MIRACULOUSLY HEALED, doctor verified!"[17] The doctor is not named anywhere in this testimony, so we have to take Schuffert’s word for this.

Schuffert concludes this testimony by stating: "Ask Jesus Christ into YOUR heart today, and you will NEVER be the same again. If YOU are a Pagan, isn't it time for YOU to come out of the darkness and into the Light? Contact me!"[18]

On the home page of Schuffert’s site she warns us that "You may find this website quite controversial and its content may cause you fear. Our goal is not to scare anyone but to warn Americans/Canadians about the coming storm. We are only a WATCHMAN on the wall looking at world events and blowing the trumpet to warn others, that they may prepare their hearts."[19] Controversial is an understatement. Schuffert’s site is replete with rants about black hawk helicopters hovering around her home and her associates, paranoid diatribes about president Bush creating a Communist Police state and nonsense about how the plans to create a homeland security organization are actually a scheme to create a new Nazi SS. Schuffert thinks that the government has set up concentration camps or gulags in which Christians will be eliminated. "It is your choice to believe or reject the information found here, " Schuffert advises us, "but we pray that when the storm hits, you will remember that Jesus (Yahshua) loves you and wants to give you eternal life."[20]

On the home page of her site Schuffert announces "-A CALL TO REPENTANCE TO THE LUCIFERIANS-SATANISTS OF ASHEVILLE, NC: JUDGMENT IS COMING! This applies to all Luciferians/Illuminati/Satanists...and all others who feel compelled to offer human sacrifice in these mountains to bring forth ‘the dawning of Lucifer's New World order’ agenda. And in fact, this report does not fully cover the multitude of warnings received in recent years of warning of impending judgments of a cataclysmic nature to those who persist in such life destroying rituals."[21] This is followed by "A PROPHETIC WARNING TO THE SATANIST COMMUNITY OF ASHEVILLE, NC. Although you may believe that your ‘extracurricular nighttime activities’ are well concealed from the average person in NC, the Eternal Word of the True and Living God of the Bible has reassured me YOUR HIDDEN


Schuffert refers to "prophecies" that God will send an earthquake because the Satanists "have desecrated My mountains...they have offered sacrifice to the enemy, Satan, and have mocked and blasphemed My Holy Name throughout these mountains. When in My mercy I allowed them to be filled with many things, pleading with their hearts to REPENT and to turn from Satan to Me, they turned from My mercy and instead praised false gods and offered sacrifice and thanksgiving to THEM instead of to ME. When I sent my servants and handmaidens to them to call them to repent and to pray for their repentance, they turned upon them and rejected them, and some of them they have slain upon My mountains."[23] Schuffert claims that "This is true-I know of Christians abducted and sacrificed in these mountains by such Satanists."[24]

Of course Schuffert doesn’t present any evidence. We are expected to take her word for these massacres. "Yes, the blood of the innocents fills these mountains:" Schuffert claims, "I know every

drop of innocent blood shed throughout these mountains, and I have seen those who have committed such abominations AGAINST ME... The Holy Spirit then began to impress upon me many things: the numerous Satanist mansions located in and quot;the high places and quot; overlooking Asheville and the many mountains surrounding it, often with BMW's parked in front on them. The prominent businesses and establishments owned and operated by many of Asheville's Satanist elite. I thought of the eye-witness accounts of many former Satanists of the grim human sacrifice rituals offered repeatedly throughout these mountains...little children cut into pieces...Christians tortured and even nailed to literal crosses to the screams of ‘hail, Satan, ’ and more... all to supposedly receive MORE wealth and MORE power from Satan. ."[25]

Of course the mountains are still there and there hasn’t been any devastating earthquake to level mansions and flatten the BMWs.

From Schuffert’s home page one can go to a two part series she wrote in July of 2001, "Satanism in America Today."[26] Here she continues her rant about the Asheville, NC, area. "I have personally done many years of hands-on research, often dangerous, in and around the city of Asheville, NC." Schuffert begins, "Asheville is known as the satanist/pagan mecca of the east coast... such remote mountains and valleys have long been the desired sites for bizarre and often violent cult rituals, many culminating in human sacrifice. "[27] Schuffert claims that one unnamed "legal source" warned her after she made a report to them about "a confessed act of human sacrifice involving a young woman, ‘Now, calm down, ma'am. THIS KIND OF CRIME IS FAR MORE COMMON IN THESE MOUNTAINS THAN MOST FOLKS KNOW. And DON'T even trust the police you think are working with you, BECAUSE MANY OF THEM ARE ACTUAL SATANISTS.’"[28] Schuffert claims that her source is an "Admission from the North Carolina Bureau of Victim Justice, " but this vague reference is the only detail she gives us in an attempt to corroborate her grandiose claims.

Schuffert attempts to further shore up her story by presenting us with "the confession of a former high school student I personally interviewed after being introduced to him by a satanic crime investigator in this region."[29] This anonymous source makes the following lurid claims:

"We skinned that baby alive to the scream of 'hail, Satan!' We then draped it's intestines around the candlesticks of our altar. I cut the baby up into pieces, and each person ate some. Later, I took the skull and remains home. I forced the remains down the garbage disposal to conceal evidence from the police, and then burned a candle to Satan on the baby's skull.And when the mother, my girlfriend, felt bad about giving up her baby for sacrifice and went tot he police, we decided to make an example out of her as a warning to the rest of the coven: NO ONE NARCS ON US TO THE POLICE AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!

"We took her up the side of one mountain overlooking Asheville...we laid her on that altar, and the sacrificial dagger was placed in my hands. I took that dagger and cut her open from neck to groin, and she was sacrificed. To this day her parents don't know what happened to her.

"Now that I have become a Christian, I can never return to my high school (T.C. Roberson) and tell them I have become a Christian. The students are all into Satanism there...not even their teachers know...not even their parents know! If I were to return and tell them, they would torture and sacrifice ME for becoming a traitor to 'the Craft.' No..I will have to continue pretending I am still a satanist..."[30]

One would expect Schuffert to then announce that the unnamed police investigator that she introduced this former student to had entered into a major homicide investigation and brought people to justice, including the former student, since he had just confessed to murder. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t. Instead she claims that this anonymous claim about T. C. Roberson school "is true... because one of Asheville's most powerful satanists among the satanist youths boasted this to me over the phone while taunting my friend I had moved in (with whom they had targeted for abduction and sacrifice in 1992.) He boasted to me, ‘ fact, we DO have alot of our people in that school!’"[31] Schuffert goes on to claim that she has "personally held this young man's satanist robe and seen some of his notebooks with satanic writing within. He admitted that the baby sacrifice took place in Ceilie's Castle, long reputed to be a location for the satanic rituals of the ‘rich, elite and powerful’ satanists that populate Asheville and the surrounding region. This grim, grey castle can only be glimpsed through the woods as one drives towards the city of Asheville from the interstate 40 exit. Or, if one has the courage, to drive up Town Mountain Road (where many of the Satanist elite have large mansions) and to park in front of it's somber metal gates with surveillance cameras. As other former satanists have admitted, many a human sacrifice ritual has taken place within it's grey stone walls."[32]

How does Schuffert explain away the fact that the local newspapers and police are not investigating her claims, you ask? Schuffert tells her readers that she believes that this is because "satanists sit in the Buncombe County courthouse of Asheville as several judges"[33] and that the Satanists "have infiltrated the police and sheriff's epartments and the State Bureau of Investigation!"[34] If this was the case, you’d expect Schuffert to name names, wouldn’t you? She doesn’t, stating that "I can name names, but in this case won't. Not when such people work for the local newspaper and are operating under the ‘good ol' boy’ networking system to help cover for their own, even as the satanists in the police department are doing as well! (This is similar to Mafia infiltration to also cover for their own.)"[35] How convenient.

Schuffert claims that "one Christian officer in that police department told her: "I WANT to investigate and expose satanic crime here, but I am so afraid of retaliation from them..." Note that she hasn’t even named the Christian officer. Schuffert goes on to say that she doesn’t blame him for being fearful, as "in neighboring Madison County, so great is their terror and acts of bloodshed and retaliation, that it is known as ‘bloody Madison County’ by the locals. But this is one of the major areas I worked together with terrorized and afflicted families who were targets of Satanism in these mountains."[36] Schuffert gets even more grandiose, claiming that she "was recently warned by my father's former satanic high priest, who had operated both in Virginia Beach and later in the Asheville area, ‘NEVER go back to those mountains! Your reporting has affected Satanists throughout the entire Great Smokies, and they are mad! They want to put a bullet in your head. Both the Feds and the satanists say 'you know too much and you talk too much!'"[37] If you’re wondering why the supposed Satanic leader who wants her dead is warning her, I am too. Obviously she hasn’t thought this part of her epic tale out that well.

Yet she goes on to claim that this isn’t the only time that this supposed Satanic priest warned her. Schuffert alleges that she had "narrowly escaped several abduction attempts in those mountains, and I was told (by my father's former high priest) that had they succeeded in their attempt, I would have been seized and hauled down in chains in a Ryder rental truck and then chained to the altar in their great Satanist caverns of the Smokies, which stretch far into Tennesee, and most brutally sacrificed for having dared to stand against them. Ryder and other rental trucks, including Paschall Trucking Lines (PTL out of Kentucky and Alliance out of Asheville) are frequently used to secretly haul human sacrifice victims to sacrifice locations nationwide."[38] Schuffert concludes part one by alleging that she "will soon give you a report from former Satanists, actual eyewitnesses of what kind of deaths both children and one woman (abducted because she was a Christian a praying against Satanism in those mountains) faced in the dread Satanist caverns of Western North Carolina."[39]

In Part 2, Schuffert makes the claim that "The satanists in the mountains of North Carolina are never shy about announcing their presence. In fact, they have often let it be known that they are quite proud of their exploits! But then, why not? The jewel of Asheville, NC, is the famed and quot;Biltmore Estate, and quot; former home of the the great Illuminati Satanist millionaire, George Vandebilt! In his Illuminati mansion, one large room contains a coven's table, with 13 seats on either side. On the door is a plaque with the words, ‘Assemblage of the Gods.’... it is reported that covens often meet in this room by night to discuss HOW THEY WILL BRING FORTH THE COMING LUCIFERIC NEW WORLD ORDER. Satanist imagery is built directly into the architecture itself."[40] Schuffert claims that the Satanists tried to recruit her friend, a "body guard for the large Asheville Mall off of Tunnel Road" who, of course, remains nameless. She claims that the Satanist in question was the owner of the mall, whom Schuffert describes as "a known high level Satanist in the Asheville area." Known to Schuffert, anyway. Schuffert tells us that the attempt failed, as her friend was a Christian and a former satanic crime investigating police officer in Virginia!"[41] The security guard then quits his job.

Schuffert then tells us that:

"Such Satanists decided to announce their presence and their future intentions under martial law one day. Hated by the Satanists are the Christian pro-lifers! I was a part of the pro-life group in Asheville, NC for many years. The leader, Mickof LIFE ADVOCATES, admitted to me one day that his pro life picketers had experienced QUITE a run-in with Asheville's satanists.

"We were picketing in front of an abortion clinic in Asheville, when about two hundred young people dressed in Satanic black robes and pagan jewelry came up to us with signs, counter-picketing. They looked evil. They were chanting over and over, out loud, ‘BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS!’ Their signs also contained these words. And for two hours they surrounded us and chanted this in strange intonations..."[42] Mick confesses to Schuffert that he did not understand "what the Satanists were communicating to them."[43] Sound like pretty clear death threats to me, but I guess Mick isn’t that bright. Schuffert explains that "Nor would most Americans understand this either without researching Satanism AND martia law. I patiently sat down and explained to him what my research had uncovered regarding both Satanism and COMING MARTIAL LAW and the role America's satanists would play in coming Christian persecution."[44] Schuffert tells us that she explains to Mick that the Satanists "were actually being generous"[45] by "announcing to you their future intentions for when martial law comes down across this nation.[46]" There’s that illogical nonsense about warnings again.

This is where Schuffert launches off into a paranoid rant about how "our corrupt government"[47] and the "Luciferic New World Order"[48] will round up "Christians and all other resisters"[49] for "subsequent termination under martial law."[50] Schuffert claims that her "research has uncovered the reality of BOXCARS AND SHACKLES already in place in Asheville for the coming hour of martial law, as confirmed by several former Satanists involved in the preparation for martial law in that region. I questioned one, and he admitted that such boxcars were indeed in the area I had searched, Biltmore Village, behind large fenced off areas."[51] Schuffert claims that "LAST HALLOWEEN, THEY HAD SEVERAL OF THESE BOXCARS PULLED OUT OF STORAGE AND PUT ON PUBLIC DISPLAY! According to an eyewitness in that area, they decorated these boxcars' interiors with Halloween decorations, and then charged admission, calling them ‘Hellhouse!’ They were even advertised in the local paper, the Asheville Citizen Times! YET...under martial law, they will be used in earnest to haul arrested Christians, Patriots and others to their brutal deaths in the deathcamps of North Carolina that will be activated! I was incredulous when I heard THAT report!"[52]

In lieu of evidence, Schuffert claims that "Two former satanists from Asheville, one with an evangelistic ministry nationwide now, both admitted to me that my research in Asheville was accurate, and that the satanists of that region couldn't WAIT for martial law to be declared. Admitted Richard Morgan of Loving Hearts Ministry, ‘All the things you have reported on regarding satanists, Asheville and martial law are true...AND MARTIAL LAW IS IT!’ He admitted this while hosting a Christian Biker crusade in Florida. Richard was a former satanist assassin biker for many years."[53]

In Part 3, "America’s Unknown Martyrs", Schuffert quotes TV evangelist John Haggee as saying that "Satanism is AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING RELIGION!"[54] About what I’d expect from Haggee. She tries to back her story up with "the words of a former high level Satanist and regional leader for 17 years, also CIA assassin."[55] No, Schuffert doesn’t name this alleged CIA assassin. This alleged assassin claims that "SATAN HAD GIVEN US A MANDATE TO SACRIFICE CHRISTIANS, and we obliged him. We targeted them, stalked them, abducted them, AND THEY WERE SACRIFICED LIKE ALL THE REST... Except many cases, just as we were bringing forth some of them to be tortured and sacrificed, often A BRIGHT LIGHT WOULD APPEAR OVER THEM and they would start to shout, 'Jesus, you've COME for me!' And just like that...their souls would be gone...and we were left with dead smiling corpses. Our night of fun would be ruined! And I would go home cursing and saying, ' what IS this with so many of these Christians...before we can kill them, THEY ARE GONE, and WITH A SMILE!' I tell you, nothing convinced me that Jesus was greater than Satan than when these things would happen during our rituals..."[56]

Schuffert then gives us testimonies of "a now Christian source undergoing professional counselling after coming out of years of Satanism, having been born into a Satanist family and dedicated to Satan from her mother's womb. I have spent hours personally interviewing her, working with her professional counselor for many years in exposing Satanism."[57] These events are alleged to have occurred in "the mountains of North Carolina as they stretch into Tennessee."[58] Schuffert claims that "many of her accounts have been further confirmed through other former Satanists in that region."[59] No, Schuffert doesn’t name the patient, the counsellor, or the Satanists who are supposed to have confirmed this. This patient reports:

"’I would often travel with my father when he was sent out to abduct people for sacrifice. I was placed in front of the satanist van to make my father appear innocent: he was carrying a child. But it was just a front. And behind us, concealed in the back of our van, were two men with knock out drugs and duct tape. The windows were blacked out and a blanket put behind the driver and passenger seats up front so no one could see them.’ (This is typical for satanist abduction vans and teams. Beware when you see such suspicious looking vans, especially out late at night.)

"‘There was this one woman they especially hated and were stalking. She was in her early twenties, pretty, and known as a strong Christian. We knew she was joining in prayer meetings praying against the Satanists here. So we were stalking her for sacrifice. One evening, just as it was getting dark, we spotted her walking home along a deserted country road. Our van pulled up, and our men jumped out. They grabbed her, duct taped her hands and feet together and her mouth shut, and injected her with a knockout drug. She lay silent as we drove her to the caves where our rituals took place.’ (This location is beyond Murphy, NC, as you drive into Tennessee.)

"‘When she came out from the drugs, she was naked and chained to our altar. The Satanists then told her that they wanted her to be recruited into Satanism and to work undercover for them, to infiltrate churches and spy on the Christians for them and to help recruit others. But if she would not recruit into Satanism, she would be sacrificed. All she would say is, 'I am a Christian, I cannot...' And when they saw she would not cooperate, they began to sacrifice her. I watched as they did various things to torment her, finally driving a spike through her head from ear to ear. And when she continued to groan, they took a high caliber handgun, inserted it into her vagina, and pulled the trigger. The bullet exited through her head, and by then she was gone. But never once did she deny Jesus Christ... At one time, our coven kidnapped a pastor. He was brought to our cave and stripped and nailed to a cross. He kept pleading with us to repent and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And when they got tired of hearing that, they slashed his throat and finished sacrificing him..."[60]

Once again Schuffert is reporting a homicide. Once again there is no indication that the authorities ever investigated it. You’d expect a missing person report or a newspaper article on the missing woman at the very least. Schuffert doesn’t produce these things as she can’t.

"Our coven often sacrificed children, " Schuffert’s patient continues, "Satanists believe that the smaller, more innocent and perfect the victim is, the more power Satan will give them through the sacrifice. Some of our members were doctors, and we had shock treatment equipment in our cave. Children were chained to altars, electrodes placed on their bodies, and they were shocked into spasms and seizures. Their private body organs were often ripped off and thrown to our dogs in the caves. They were raped, tortured and killed. I will never forget one little girl...they used a power saw to begin to dismember her, starting at her feet. I will never forget her screaming as they slowly began to cut her apart...the screaming only stopped when they finally reached her stomach, and she was gone. There were always video cameras mounted on the walls so that each sacrifice could be turned into another money making porn snuff film."[61] Of course neither this "former Satanist" nor Schuffert produce any of these videos as evidence.

"They even abducted pregnant women, " Schuffert’s patient continues, "I would watch as these women would plead for the lives on their unborn children. The unborn would be cut out of the mother's body and then sacrificed...then they would sacrifice the mother. Or often, we would throw babies alive into vats of battery acid. Yes, I have watched many victims as they took their final breath..."[62]

Schuffert then tells us that "One friend of mine, now a Christian undergoing extensive counselling, was sold into Satanism and the coven in her area at the age of two (her parents needed the money.) I spent much time with her, interviewing her in the Cleveland, OH, area and also at a Christian retreat. She was personally being trained under the infamous Norma Fitzwater, brutal high priestess of Cleveland and the entire Ohio Satanist region for over 25 years. (Fitzwater's name and rank were personally confirmed to me by numerous fromer [sic] Satanists, including my CIA source. I have personally gone on the radio broadcast of Pastor Ernie Sanders of Cleveland to expose this vicious Satanist for an entire week.)"[63]

This anonymous patient gives us a similar story to the previous one: "I only had a week to enjoy my newborn, Baby Becky, before she was brutally sacrificed. During the ritual, I was forced to the front of the altar. My clothes were torn off. Screaming, I was fastened to the altar as my baby was seized. They laid my baby on my naked stomach and began to sacrifice her. A knife was inserted into her vagina to enlarge it and they then began to sexually assault the extent that her internal organs spilled out. She was cannibalized. When the ritual was finished, I was released and the remains of Baby Becky were handed to me in a bloody blanket."[64] Schuffert then tells us that "She led me over to a window in her home. ‘See those wild daisies in the corner of the yard? That is where the remains of Baby Becky are buried under...’"[65] One would expect that Schuffert would then tell us that she’d fetched a shovel and retrieved this evidence of homicide. She doesn’t. She simply expects us to believe this and goes on to conclude: "My fellow Americans, multiply this wicked assault on the little children of America by the Satanists many times over, and you will begin to have some idea of the extent to which our nation is stained with the blood of the innocents. Does ANYONE care???"

In the fourth part of Satanism in America Today, published in July 2001, Schuffert "investigates" reports of a "Satanist controlled school"[66] in the Sunman-Dearborn School District in East Harrison, Indiana. Schuffert tells us that the couple she is to tell us about is now divorced as "because of Satanist harassment."[67] "The husband could not take any more of their terror, " Schuffert tells us, "They children [sic] are still recovering. The son lives a zombie existence due to painful memories, sleeping all day to forget the pain, and up all night (it's safer to live in the dark where they won't find him.) A professional news investigator was also carefully following their horror experiences firsthand. They are now out of Indiana and in seclusion to protect the children, now grown."[68] Schuffert does not name this news investigator, and goes on to change the family’s names.

Schuffert claims that this couple’s son, whom she calls Josh, was taken from school by Satanists in order to be "prepared unto Satanic rituals [sic]"[69] in basements of various homes. Schuffert claims that several other children from the school... were targeted."[70] She claims that they were "terrorized into silence by frightening statements such as, and quot;if you DARE tell your parents or friends what you have seen or done, WE WILL SACRIFICE YOU LIKE WE SACRIFICED THIS BABY!"[71] Josh claims that eventually he participated in animal and infant sacrifice. "They took me to this basement, " Josh claims, "There was an altar. And a baby. They put a knife (sacrificial dagger) into my hand, and the man put his hand around mine and the knife, and made me sacrifice the baby..."[72] Schuffert alleges that Josh’s mother showed her his "daily school diary" in which he made the entry "Today I made a sacrifice..."[73]

Josh describes an 8 year old boy who he claimed he saw sacrificed in 1990. Josh reports that this child was the son of a minister. "As the Satanists began worshipping Satan, Satan appeared in the golden seat. I watched as the little boy pointed his finger at Satan and said loudly, 'Satan, I rebuke you in Jesus' Name!' And Mom, Satan spoke from the seat and said, 'cut out his tongue!' I watched as they cut his tongue out, and he was sacrificed..."[74] Keep this golden seat and the cutting out of tongues in mind: I’ll come back to this in a moment.

You’d think that all of these ministers and children of ministers disappearing would have generated a news story of national attention wouldn’t you? There wasn’t one, because Schuffert is making this up.

Josh’s mother said nothing about his "[behaving] bizarrely"[75] and "[acting] withdrawn"[76] until he comes home limping one evening. The cause of this was "burned into his hip, ... a clear Satanist pentagram (five pointed star) still bright red from some heated instrument that seared his tender skin."[77] This is where Josh made his disclosures of his activity to his parent. Schuffert then reports that "the principal, Chris Heller-Utter, was the high priestess for the region. (Her husband is reputedly CIA, one organization intensely saturated with active Satanists). How Jim Pierce, the middleschool coach, was the high priest. How many of the teachers were also involved."[78] However no one calls in the police. Instead they call in the pastor and the aforementioned reporter. Schuffert claims that one victim of these "Satanists" was "a young abducted son of a minister was sacrificed."[79] Don’t hold your breath, Schuffert doesn’t produce the missing report or anything else to prove this. Nor does she supply names or details to permit corroboration. Instead she tries to prove this story by claiming that "The former Satanist high priestess of the entire state of Indiana for 17 bloody years, who had also previously worked for the CIA as well, confirmed that this type of activity goes on all the time in Indiana...a major Satanist region and stronghold. This source admitted that their covens had also abducted many children of Christian origin for their sacrifices. In Indiana, it is apparently quite common(!)"[80]

Josh claims that the "principal and the coach were in black robes"[81] in these rituals, which involved "A large golden seat." Schuffert claims that this is "Satan's golden throne used frequently in rituals across America. In fact, there are more than one."[82] Schuffert reveals the source of this a few paragraphs further on: "In fact, if you obtain the book ‘He Came to Set the Captives Free, ’" Schuffert tells us, "originally published by Jack Chick and later by Whittaker House, you will find a complete description of a similar ritual also held in Indiana during which what is called and quot;Satan's golden throne and quot; is displayed in major rituals, and Satan manifests in this throne at the height of Satanic worship, and human sacrifices take place before him."[83] I revealed this book by Dr. Rebecca Brown (real name Ruth Bailey), to be a complete fraud earlier in my Witch Hunts series. "Cutting out a victim's tongue is quite common punishment among Satanists for insubordination or showing disrespect to Satan or their leaders, as former Satanists have told me frankly."[84] Again, all we have is Schuffert’s word that she got this from anonymous former Satanists. Schuffert attempts to cover her tracks by claiming that she is unable to bring all this information forward "as long as there is CIA complicity." The problem with this is that if the CIA is so powerful, you’d think they’d have found Schuffert’s web site as easily as I did. Maybe they have and the reason they haven’t acted on it is that they’re to budy laughing at the contents?

Schuffert goes on to claim that "East Harrison, Indiana and West Harrison, Ohio, continue to be known as a mecca for Satanist activity."[85] She makes this assumption on the basis that "One Christian family admitted to me that when their children went out to play with the other children on the streets in that area, the children of that area were heard discussing ‘where the next ritual would be held ...’."[86]

Part Five of Schuffert’s "Satanism in America Today", labelled "Stalking The Victim", also came out in July 2001. In this she claims that "Every year across America, up to one million innocent victims are abducted or bred for human sacrifice by Satanist cults. They die in agony, their screams unheard by mainstream America. Their remains will never be discovered: they were tortured, cannbalized, cremated and disposed of."[87] I’ve discussed such claims over and over again in my Witch Hunts series: Such figures fly in the face of easily accessible missing persons statistics.

Schuffert attempts to illustrate how Satanists stalk their victims with an anecdote from North Carolina. Schuffert claims that in 1992 she received a tip from a "Satanic crime investigator"[88] (who she conveniently leaves unnamed) concerning a young woman "marked for abduction and sacrifice by local Satanists." Schuffert claims that these people were "systematically destroying her life"[89] and had scared her friends and the pastors away. Schuffert claims that the Satanists had even bugged this woman’s phone. Schuffert comes to the rescue, prompting the Satanists to "put on quite a power show."[90] Schuffert gives no details of what she means by the term "power show", but goes on to claim that a police SWAT team had to be called out to guard her place. Interesting, as earlier Schuffert was going on ad nauseum about how the authorities had been infiltrated by Satanists. Schuffert says the woman couldn’t move as they were poor and her elderly father "lay dying in one room, " requiring 24 hour care.

Schuffert claims that this woman learned of this dastardly Satanic plot when the Satanists called her mother to announce: "We're gonna get yer daughter for SACRIFICE... (click) and quot; spoken harshly over the phone."[91] Schuffert claims that this was the beginning of a campaign of terror calculated to create confusion, making her susceptible to their traps. What follows were "Roadside abduction traps, poisoning, stalking at her home, cutting off electricity and phone service unexpectedly as they moved in for the kill at her home at night...all these things began to change their lives forever."[92] Either this victim was incredibly lucky, incredibly wily, or the Satanists were exceptionally stupid, as none of these many attempts succeeded. Schuffert then attempts to convince us that the reason that Cindy was the target of Satanists in Asheville, NC, was that "her former employer at a health gym was a Satanist. Cindi noted how one day her employer began asking her somewhat personal questions, such as: oh...are you a CHRISTIAN? How do you feel about remaining A VIRGIN before you are married?"[93] Schuffert presents this as evidence that the man was seeking a Christian virgin for sacrifice, but of course he may have been looking for a date as easily. This later seems to be the case, as Schuffert goes on to say that the men "even made suggestive remarks about [Cindy’s] body."[94] Cindy then claims that this employer next gave her a card of Satanic verses, ending with the word Satan spelled backwards. Schuffert explains that Cindy didn’t know that these verses were Satanic until she explained them to her. OK, we can rule out incredibly wily, which leaves us with incredibly lucky or really stupid Satanists.

Schuffert then claims that she spent the following weeks giving Cindy a "background in spiritual warfare teaching, standing on the Word of God, teaching her how to overcome fear, and spending much time in worship and praise, etc."[95] Schuffert claims that the Satanists interupted their phone conversations with others. Of course these "others" could be produced as witnesses to this harassment, but Schuffert doesn’t name them, other than to say that one conversation was with a "prayer group in Charlotte, NC."[96] Schuffert alleges that a Satanist repeatedly interupted their conversation by shouting the word "kill." Schuffert claims that the Satanists redoubled their efforts, but gives few details, describing this as "many episodes on the wild side." Schuffert claims to have put in long days praying and says she was carrying a gun in her purse. She claims that the Satanists secretly planted a "curse pin"[97] in her car seat that injected poison and demons into her leg. Schuffert rushed her to the nearest fire station and thence to the hospital. Here Cindy announced that she was under Satanic attack. You can imagine what the reaction to this would be. Schuffert calls it "a bad mistake"[98] and reported that "NO ONE WOULD TOUCH HER IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM of Memorial Mission Hospital."[99] Of course this was probably because she was in need of psychiatric assistance rather than medical aid, but this isn’t Schuffert’s take on the situation: Schuffert tells us that this was because "this hospital was filled with both Satanists and witches as doctors, nurses and other employees, "[100] citing yet another unnamed Satanist who used to work there as her source. Schuffert goes on to say that "the Satanists and the witches were in constant invisible battles with one another [at this hospital], hurling ‘summoned demons’ and curses at one another, etc."[101] That must have made it an interesting place to work.

Schuffert then takes Cindy home where she takes weeks to recover. She claims that the Satanists phoned Cindy to tell "her graphically what they would do to her body once they abducted her."[102] Schuffert describes that she grabbed the phone and yelled at the Satanists. This prompted them to deliver a 48 hour deadline. Schuffert claims that at the end of this two day period the phone went dead. Schuffert hears noises in the woods and tries to call police with her cel phone, but as she dials the last number this is cut off too. Schuffert suspects someone in authority interfering. After this tremendous build up one expects to have Schuffert tell us that the Satanists kicked in the door and finally abducted poor Cindy. She actually tells us that she expected this, because "Greg", a Satanist in love with Cindy, had warned them of this outcome. They do don’t. Instead Schuffert tells us that she hears someone climb the side of the trailer and dragging chains across the roof all night. Cindy cowers in the corner, brandishing a loaded .38. Schuffert brandishes a Bible and prays. Dad is still dying in the next room.

At this point Schuffert ends this lurid soap opera with the announcement: To be continued.

The readers have to wait until August 2001 for the thrilling conclusion of "Satanism in America Today: Stalking The Victim." Part 6 commences with Schuffert telling us that they saw shadowy forms all around the trailer. Cindy’s mom sees a guy in black with night vision goggles at the edge of the woods. And then: The sun started coming up and they all went home, leaving no signs of their visit. The phones worked, and the police came to find nothing. Schuffert reports that her "informant from inside the coven"[103] describes the Satanists as rich and powerful with contacts in the military that can supply them with equipment. Schuffert states that the cel phone (you know, the one the police found working when they arrived) was blocked by "professional phone company equipment in a "Satanist-operated ALLIANCE trucking company [VEHICLE] to keep it mobile so the police can't track it down, and they use it to disrupt your cell phone calls everytime you call the police for help." Schuffert’s source for this alibi? Greg, the Satanic lover of Cindy.

Schuffert claims that a few nights later the Satanists launched a chemical attack on the trailer, putting some sort of substance into the heating system which rendered ONLY Cindy unconscious. Schuffert says that the others in the trailer were strong enough to endure this: Only I thought that Cindy’s dad was at death’s door in the other room? Schuffert hears sounds under the trailer. When Cindy regains consciousness she claims that "God had visited her and promised her victory in this battle."[104] How nice.

"A few days later, Greg came by with a beautiful and expensive diamond necklace for Cindi, " Schuffert continues, "It was only a few days before Christmas. Greg looked at her sadly and said, ‘I am giving her this necklace now, because I don't expect either of you to be alive by Christmas day. They have vowed to sacrifice her by Solstice.’ He admitted they planned to use a small charge of explosives to blow the door off the trailer, since they had discovered I was chaining the doors shut each night. ‘Once they break in , Pam, they plan to shoot and kill you, and then abduct her for sacrifice...’"[105] Once again you expect the next thing to be the door coming down, but once again, it isn’t. Schuffert claims that "Night after night, the attacks continued, "[106] without giving details. Then the Satanists, who presumably had lost their explosives or changed their plan, phone to tell them that "We need four babies to sacrifice and your sister's newborn is going to be one of them."[107] Schuffert reports that Cindy’s sister and her newborn are in the pediatric unit. Schuffert goes to the hospital to spend several hours anointing the room and praying over her and the baby. I could not tell her sister the REAL reason why I was there that night! She would have been terrified."[108] I’m guessing the real reason would have been that Cindy’s sister would have summoned security and had this delusional woman removed. "Satisfied after several hours of prayer that God would protect her and the baby, " Schuffert says, "I left."[109] As she leaves she claims that she spotted "10-12 of them." She claims that they were all high school age. She claims that they then rushed down to the sister’s room, but her prayers to God had put an impenetrable screen on the room, so they were unsuccessful.

Schuffert reports that Cindy’s father leaves his death bed to celebrate Christmas before dying the following day. Cindy and her family move to get away from the Satanists. Schuffert claims that the Satanists made "numerous attempts on my life after that through abduction attempts, poisoning, even sending into my life a Satanist posing as a Christian who needed counseling."[110]

As a side note, Schuffert claims taht at one point her friend Cindy went to a safe house to avoid the attacks, where she ran into the "girlfriend of the head Satanists, ‘King One, ’ who had lead the coven in stalking her."[111] This girlfriend was there with her baby and tells Cindy that King One wanted to sacrifice the child. Schuffert reports: "I prayed hard through the following years to find out just WHO this terrorizing Satanist was. My journey to discover the truth took me to California, to Florida and all across the country. Finally, in California in 1998, I met two men who were former members of the Asheville coven. One had been married to the ex-girlfriend of ‘King One.’ He told me all about this Satanist.

His name? Tony Richards, originally a Lakota Indian from Pineridge Reservation, SD. He had a brother, Woody, and Woody's wife, Yolanda Martinez. These two men admitted that my researching was accurate regarding names and locations ofSatanists and their activities in Asheville, NC. From there, I traveled to Florida, where at a Christian retreat, I encountered two former Satanists who had been a part of the Asheville coven. One was now an evangelist, the other being discipled. The one who was now an active evangelist and strong Christian admitted to me all about Tony Richards. ‘Oh, he is the worst of the worst, ’ he admitted as he looked at me and shook his head. His cousin admitted the same to me while I was there."[112] Note how we aren’t given the names of the retreat, the evangelist or the cousin.

Schuffert then states that she went on an RV trip across America, ending up in a store in Custer, SD. Here she claims that she runs into Tony Richards. "I was stunned, " Schuffert says, "My 7 years of research, prayer and traveling across America in search of this Satanist terrorist had finally paid off! No, I did not recognize him, because he managed to conceal himself well in Asheville. My friend being stalked had often caught glimpses of him, describing the long black hair either pulled back in a pony tail or hanging loose. Still shocked, I wondered what to do..."[113]

This Christian soap opera continues in Part 8, which also came out in August 2001. We left our self appointed heroinein the last episode standing in front of Tony Richards in Custer, SD. No, she doesn’t call the police to report that she’s located a person she believes to be a murderer. She tells Tony that she’s been praying for him for a long time. She begs him to repent. She claims that many of the other Satanists had repented, including a former associate of his (who she claims is now an active evangelist), her father’s pastor (who she says left the "WNC covens"[114] to become Christian) and a daughter of a judge in Asheville (who she believes to be a Satanist as he had "sentenced [Schuffert] numerous times to their jail in Asheville for Christian pro-life activities, and had gone so far as to sentence one out- of-state pro-life group to a year and a half in prison in NC for one pro-life protest). Schuffert claims that the aforementioned judge was a Satanist because "A powerful legal secretary with relative high up in the legal system had warned me, ‘Don't you know WHY this judge sentenced your Christian group to a year and a half? She is very high in the Satanist coven here, and your Christian pro-lifers were sentenced out of A VENDETTA AGAINST CHRISTIANS!’"[115] No, Schuffert doesn’t name the secretary.

To return to the soap: Tony gets nervous and goes outside to sit down. He doesn’t repent, and Schuffert drives off. Schuffert then reports being "stalked by Satanist trucksand my movements being openly monitored...this time by Tony's cohorts in the Black Hill of SD. (There are many active covens in the Black Hill of SD, and on most reservations as well, as Native Americans have admitted to me. I knew they were out to kill me this time. Unable to move my 35 foot RV across the plains in winter snows for safety, I opted to go out of the country, to Germany, to do research (those reports are included in this website.) It seems like the battle never ends."[116] "Tony Richards remains at large, " Schuffert tells us, "in spite of information being turned in to local police authorities regarding his background."[117]

I presume that it was Schuffert who gave this information to the police, and if it is anything like this "information" of hers that I’ve been showing you here, one can only imagine what they thought of it. Schuffert also "remains at large, " inventing fantastic delusions such as these.

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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Kerr's Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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